Releasing apps

How to release an app to the public or a team.

After an app successfully passes through the app review process, it can be released. The exact steps and outcome of releasing an app depend on whether it's a public app or a team app.

Public apps can be released on-demand to coincide with marketing efforts.

To release a public app:

  1. Navigate to the app via the Developer Portal.
  2. On the Release app page, select Release app.
  3. In the confirmation dialog, select Release app.

The app will immediately become discoverable in the Canva editor, but will not become discoverable in the Apps Marketplace until it's manually added by a Canva employee. This typically happens within a week.

Unlike public apps, team apps do not have a separate release step. When the owner or an administrator of the team approves the app, it immediately becomes available to members of that team. The team can then discover the app via the Canva editor. Team apps are never discoverable in the Apps Marketplace.

To learn more about how team apps are reviewed and released, see Managing team apps.