Tracking analytics

How to track the discovery and usage of an app.

After releasing an app, it's important to understand how the app is performing. To help with this, Canva tracks a number of metrics about an app's performance and exposes these metrics via the Developer Portal.

This page explains the available metrics and how to interpret the data.

You can find the analytics for an app in the Developer Portal via the app's Analytics page. By default, this page is disabled. The page becomes available once the app has been released.

The Analytics page exposes the following metrics:

  • App listing views
  • App installations
  • App usage

This section explains the meaning of each metric.

An app listing view is when a user views an app's installation screen in the Canva editor.

When a user views an app's details in the Apps Marketplace, this does not count as an app listing view. In this situation, a view will only be counted if the user clicks the Use in design button.

An app installation is when a user clicks the Open button on an app's installation screen.

An app usage is a metric that captures how many unique users are using an app. What counts as a usage will change as the Apps SDK evolves, but some examples of usages include:

  • adding an element to a design
  • uploading an asset to the user's media library
  • exporting a design

This is the same metric that's used to determine how much an app earns via Canva's Innovation Fund. To learn more, see User adoption calculation.

This is an example of the data available for the App listing views metric:

Here's a breakdown of what this data is showing:

  • The total number of app listing views by unique users over the last 30 days.
  • The percentage change between the last two data points.
  • The cumulative growth of the unique app listing views over the last 30 days.
  • Apps can't track analytics with third-party software, such as Google Analytics. This is because Canva's Content Security Policy prevents third-party scripts from being loaded within the app's iframe.