Get featured on the Apps Marketplace

Learn how your app can be featured or trending in the Apps Marketplace.

Canva promotes apps in the Apps Marketplace using the Featured, Trending, and New and noteworthy sections of the app sidebar and the All apps page. An app highlighted in these spaces has increased visibility to users for a time, and can lead to much greater user adoption.

This article outlines the criteria for an app to be featured or trending.

When the Apps Marketplace features an app, it's promoted:

  • In the sidebar.
  • In the All apps page banner.

The promotion materials are designed by Canva, and the featured app or apps change every month.

If multiple apps are featured, the apps rotate daily on a carousel to promote each app equally.

To get featured in the app sidebar and the Apps Marketplace banner, your app must:

  • Be usable for free in some capacity. This can be a limited trial, limited credit, or freemium offering.
  • Be usable without requiring the user to manually authenticate. See Frictionless authentication for an alternative option.
  • Support both desktop and mobile.

The Featured app section in the Apps sidebar

In the middle of each month, Canva studies the numbers and identifies the top-performing apps for the previous month. We then update the trending carousel with promotional material that we create.

The Trending app section in the Apps sidebar

To be a trending app, your app:

  • Must support desktop and mobile.
  • Should have positive user growth.
  • Should be at least 30 days old.

The Featured app and Trending apps section in the Apps sidebar

This section of the Apps Marketplace is created from the most recently created apps. It's updated weekly, so it might take a few days to see your newly released app.

The New and noteworthy apps section on the Apps homepage