Developer verification

Developers in the Apps Marketplace must now provide additional information during the submission process.

In order to comply with applicable laws and regulations, including laws applicable to traders in the EU, from February 2024, Canva will collect additional information for apps listed in the Apps Marketplace. We will use this information to verify the identity of developers, and publish it on the App Marketplace to increase transparency for Canva users.

Before your app may be listed in the App Marketplace, you must provide the information below during the app submission process. You do not need to submit this information if you are developing a Team app.

  • Name: Individuals must supply their full name, and companies must supply their legal entity name.
  • Email address.
  • Phone number.
  • Physical Address.
  • Registration details (where applicable): If registered with any trade or public register, then you must supply us with the name of the trade register and the corresponding registration or identification number.
  • Identity document: a document that allows us to verify identity and legal entity status, such as a certificate of registration.
  • Self-certification: We also request you certify during the submission process that your app complies with all applicable laws and regulations.

We will use this information to verify your identity. If we cannot verify your identity, we may reach out to you for more information. If you do not provide the information, or we cannot verify your identity, we may refuse to list your App in the App Marketplace.

We will handle your data in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

If you are not considered a ‘trader’ under EU law, or have any other questions or concerns about providing this information, or your information being made publicly available, please reach out to Developer Support.

  • From February 2024: New apps must include additional information during the Apps Marketplace submission process.
  • On February 17th, 2025: Existing apps that do not include this information by 17 February 2025 may be removed from the Apps Marketplace.

For apps that have already been listed in the Apps Marketplace, you will need to create a new version of the app and resubmit it for review. You can then include the additional information as a part of the submission process.

If you need to update your information, you can create a new version of the app and resubmit it for review with the updated information.