Apps SDK documentation

How to develop apps with the Apps SDK.

Apps are plugins that add features to Canva. They run in the browser and are built with standard web technologies, such as JavaScript.

You can use the Apps SDK to create apps that import content into Canva, add elements to a user's design, automate common design tasks, and more. You can then either distribute the app publicly via the Apps Marketplace, or share it privately with members of your team.

This documentation explains everything you need to know about creating apps.

Looking for the Connect APIs?

In addition to the Apps SDK, Canva also offers the Connect APIs — a REST API for simplifying and automating workflows via HTTP requests. If you're interested in using it, check out the documentation.

At their most basic, apps are JavaScript files that run inside an iframe. This iframe is rendered inside the object panel of the Canva editor.

In the iframe, apps can:

  • Use the Apps SDK to programmatically interact with the Canva editor.
  • Use the App UI Kit to create a user interface that matches the look and feel of Canva.
  • Use the Fetch API to integrate with the app's backend.

There are many reasons to create apps, but these are some of the highlights:

  • Reach an audience of 100+ million monthly active users.
  • Create features that improve your own Canva experience.
  • Create apps to improve your team's workflows.

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