What is the Export capability? Why use it?

The Export capability lets an app export the user's design from Canva and publish it on a third-party platform — for example, a social media network or file storage service. When combined with the Content capability, an app can support an end-to-end content management flow.

At any point in its lifecycle, an app can trigger an export.

Triggering an export opens a dialog in the app's iframe. In this dialog, the user can customize the settings of the export, such as the file format and resolution. If a design has more than one page, the user can also choose to only export certain pages.

When the user confirms the export, the dialog closes and the app is responsible for what happens next — for example, showing an alert that confirms the export was successful.

  • Apps can only export designs in a handful of supported formats.
  • Apps are limited to 500 exports per user, per day, and 75 exports per user every 5 minutes.
  • Apps must support at least two export file types.
  • When a user opens an export dialog, they can't exit out of it.
  • When a user exports a video, they can't set the quality.