Redirect URL

API reference for the "Redirect URL" endpoint.

When a user attempts to authenticate with an app, Canva begins the authentication flow by opening a pop-up window. This window:

  • Redirects users to the app's Redirect URL.
  • Appends query parameters to the Redirect URL.

You can configure an app's Redirect URL via the Developer Portal.

The query parameters include the user's ID, which the app can use to authenticate the user.

To learn more, refer to Authentication.

GET <redirect_url>
brandstringYesThe ID of the user's team.
extensionsstringYesThe extension points the user is attempting to authenticate with.
signaturesstringYesA comma-separated list of request signatures.
statestringYesA token the app must return to Canva at the end of the authentication flow.
timestringYesThe UNIX timestamp (in seconds) of when the user started the authentication flow.
userstringYesThe ID of the user.