The latest updates to Canva's app development platform.



  • Content extensions can now include multiple types of content, such as images and embeds, in a single response. This is a backwards-compatible change that makes content extensions a lot more flexible. To learn more, see Content types.


  • When Canva sends requests to the /content/resources/find endpoint, it now includes a types property in the request body. This property contains an array of content types that can appear in the response, which is in preparation for a change that will let content extensions return different types of resources (for example, images and embeds) in a single response. The existing type property, which can only contain a string, is now deprecated.




  • Apps that support authentication can now let users disconnect (de-authenticate) from the app. To learn more, refer to Authentication.



  • When a user publishes a design via a publish extension, the upload request now includes a designId property. This property contains the ID of the user's design. This ID is obfuscated and does not change between uploads, which allows extensions to detect when a user is re-publishing a design.


  • Improved the Client secret field in the Developer Portal. Previously, the key was provided as a base64url-encoded string and your app needed to convert it into a base64-encoded string. The key is now provided as a base64-encoded string.