Team apps

A team app is an app that can only be made available to members of a specific team. This is in contrast to public apps, which can be made available to all of Canva's users.

Team apps let organizations create apps that the general public shouldn't have access to, such as apps that integrate with proprietary tools.

For the most part, creating a team app is the same as creating a public app. The main difference is that Canva doesn't review team apps before they're released. Instead, an owner or administrator of the team must review the app. This gives the owners and administrators a chance to verify that the app meets their organization's guidelines. (The guidelines are at the discretion of the team, but Canva's UX guidelines may offer some useful inspiration.)

Once a team app is released, members of the team can find it in the Canva editor, via the More tab, Edit image panel, or Publish menu (depending on the app's extensions). Team apps never appear in the Apps Directory and are never shown to users who don't belong to the team.

  • If you're not a member of a team, visit to create a team.
  • You can't change a team app into a public app (or vice-versa).
  • Team apps are sometimes referred to as private apps.
  • Unlike public apps, Canva does not translate team apps.