Writing copy for your app

At Canva, we believe that words are design. What users read is just as important as what they see and interact with. To help you craft the best possible copy for your app, this page contains some simple yet effective guidelines.

Canva only accepts apps in US English. This means the app's copy must be in US English. Canva translates the copy into different languages. This helps the app reach the widest possible audience.

Canva has a diverse user-base from around the world. In fact, most of Canva's users are from non-English speaking countries. As such, idioms, acronyms, and puns might not be understood by many of Canva's users, so it's best to avoid them.

Use short sentences and simple words. Avoid unnecessary modifiers such as "quite," "very," and "really."

"Sentence case" means only capitalizing the first letter of the first word in a sentence. In general, sentence case is easier to read and scan. It's also consistent with how Canva handles casing throughout its interface.