Native elements

What are native elements? Why create them?

Apps can add elements to a design as a native element or as part of an app element.

A native element is an element that, from Canva's perspective, is indistinguishable from an element created via Canva itself. They're ideal for certain use-cases but less flexible than app elements.


  • It's easier to create native elements than it is to create app elements. There's less code to write and the lifecycle is easier to understand.
  • Users have more control over how they can edit and interact with the elements, such as applying effects to images or editing text directly within their designs.

When to use

Apps should create native elements as long as the app's usefulness is not impacted by the limitations of native elements. This is because native elements are easier to create and offer a more familiar user experience.

If native elements would limit the usefulness of your app, use app elements.


  • When native elements are added to a design, they become invisible to the app that created them. This means the user can't re-open or edit the element via the app.