Enabling authentication

How to enable authentication for an app.

By default, authentication is disabled. You must enable it via the Developer Portal before initializing the Authentication capability in the app's source code.

To enable authentication:

  1. Navigate to an app via the Developer Portal.
  2. Click Add authentication.
  3. Enable This app requires authentication.

Once authentication is enabled, the following fields become active:

  • Redirect URL
  • Authentication base URL

Both fields require a value before any further changes to the app will save.

Redirect URL

The Redirect URL is a URL that users are redirected to at the start of an authentication flow. You have complete control over this URL, which lets the app support any type of authentication.

To learn more, see Set up a Redirect URL.

Authentication base URL

The Authentication base URL is the URL of a web server. When a user disconnects an app, Canva sends an HTTP request to this server and expects the app to remove the connection between the user and the app's backend.

To learn more, see Disconnecting users.