Welcome to the Brand New Era of Being a Developer on Canva

Explore some of the apps we shared as part of Canva Create.

It’s a Brand New Era on Canva for every user, everywhere. Our developer community is helping usher in that era with the latest and greatest tech to ease workflows, integrate the newest technologies, and be more productive.

Did you watch Canva Create? Check it out here to catch up on all our amazing new launches.

Canva twitter about Canva Create

We were so excited to see some of our newest apps get a shoutout on stage. Let’s explore some of the apps we touched on during the presentation.

We’re excited to offer apps to provide access to two of the most popular Digital Asset Management (DAM) tools, Sharepoint and Acquia (previously known as Widen). Integrating access to these DAMs in Canva enables users to simplify their workflows and enjoy the creative process seamlessly. Now that’s a powerful thing.

You can find the newest apps in the Apps area on your Canva homepage or in the editor.

Canva's apps homepage

Everyone has AI on the brain these days, and the developers on Canva are no exception. While Canva released a whole new suite of AI tools, so did one of our developer teams.

If you haven’t checked out D-ID Presenters, you are missing out. D-ID Presenters enables you to add a digital narrator to your designs by using a preset presenter or uploading your own headshot. Add some text, choose a voice and style, and never present another presentation again.

Canva's D-ID AI Presenters app

There’s always space for more tools to simplify building your design in Canva. Some of the latest tooling apps available include Bingo Cards and Code Formatter.

Bingo Cards take a list of words (or a prebuilt list) and randomly generate multiple bingo card templates for you to use. We love to see how excited our Canva community is about this app, with some teachers sharing their love on Twitter.

Tweet about the Bingo app on Canva

Another tooling app making a splash in the internal Canva slack is Code Formatter. Developers and engineers across the globe have rejoiced at the ability to add clean code to their presentations (and hopefully docs very soon).

A tweet about Canva Formatter

This is just the start of all the Apps you can build on Canva. Join us and sign up for our Beta to build the next DAM integration, productivity tools, AI innovation, or whatever your imagination can design.

We can’t wait to see what you build on Canva.

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