What is a data provider?

A provider is a data source that Canva's native features and apps can import data from.

For example, when using the Bulk Create feature, users can import data from CSV files and Google Sheets. These data sources are examples of providers built into the core Canva experience.

But users aren't limited to providers that Canva natively supports. Apps can use the Data Provider capability to become a provider. These apps then appear throughout Canva's UI, alongside the built-in providers.

Providers expose data in data structures known as data tables. The consistent structure of these data tables makes it trivial for Canva's features and third-party apps to then import the data.


  • The terms provider and data provider are used interchangeably to refer to any data source that Canva supports, either natively or via an app.
  • When Data Provider is capitalized, it specifically refers to the Data Provider capability.