What is the Data Provider capability? Why use it?

Canva has a number of data-driven features, such as Bulk Create and charts. These features help users streamline their design workflows and create stunning visualizations.

By default, users can import data from a handful of sources, such as CSV files and Google Sheets, but it's impractical for Canva to develop support for all possible data sources.

That's where the Data Provider capability comes in.

Apps can use the Data Provider capability to become a data source. Native Canva features — and eventually, other apps — can then seamlessly import data from the app.

For example, a real estate agency could create an app that exposes their property data. Their marketing department could then use the Bulk Create feature to generate designs for each of the listings. That same data could also be used for visualizing sales trends.

  • Right now, there's only one consumer: the Bulk Create feature. This limits the ways in which users can interact with the data exposed by an app.