SVG limitations

Blocked and restricted features of SVG files.

When an app or a user uploads an SVG file to Canva, there are certain limitations that need to be accounted for. This page contains a complete list of all of the constraints.

File size

For most users, the maximum file size for SVGs is 3MB. If a user is a contributor, the maximum file size for SVGs is 10MB.

Download timeouts

The SVG image should be downloadable from the server within 5 seconds. The import process times out if this is not the case.


Some SVG elements (tags) are not allowed. If an app attempts to upload a file with any of the listed elements, the upload will fail.

Animation elements

  • animate
  • animatemotion
  • animatetransform
  • discard
  • mpath
  • set

Deprecated elements

  • altglyph
  • altglyphdef
  • altglyphitem
  • cursor
  • glyph
  • glyphref
  • missing-glyph
  • tref

Font elements

  • font
  • font-face
  • font-face-format
  • font-face-name
  • font-face-src
  • font-face-uri

Unsafe elements

  • a
  • foreignobject
  • script
  • switch


Some attributes are either not allowed in SVG files or have certain restrictions.

Blocked attributes

  • crossorigin
  • lang
  • media
  • onload
  • ping
  • referrerpolicy
  • rel
  • rendering-intent
  • requiredextensions
  • requiredfeatures
  • systemlanguage
  • tabindex
  • transform-origin
  • unicode
  • vector-effect

Restricted attributes

  • The URL in a href attribute must not point to a location that exists outside of the SVG.
  • The style attribute must not use the mix-blend-mode property.
  • All id attributes must be unique.